How to Paraphrase Quotes in an Essay?

Writing an essay is like a routine task in the life of a student. It’s important to improve your essay writing skills if you want to grab good grades during your academic career. When you are a kid, your essay can match a fellow student because you’re taught the same thing in class. But as … Read more

National Youth Day MCQ and answers (Swami Vivekananda Quiz)

Do you know about National Youth Day? It is celebrated on 12th January in India to commemorate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. If you’re looking for some fun and interesting facts about National Youth Day, here are some multiple-choice questions for you! National Youth Day MCQ and answers 1. When is National Youth Day celebrated in … Read more

Ex-Situ Control Measures to control stubble burning

Stubble burning is a significant problem in agriculture, particularly in India. Every year, farmers burn millions of tonnes of paddy straw, causing air pollution and environmental damage. There are a number of ex-situ control measures that can be used to control stubble burning. These include using paddy straw in biomass power generation, bio-ethanol production, co-firing … Read more

What is stubble burning?

Stubble burning is the process of burning the straw stubble that remains after harvesting crops. The practice is used to dispose of the straw, clear the field for the next season’s planting, and to provide heat for threshing. What is stubble burning? The burning of agricultural residues is a process of burning the stalks, stubble, … Read more

How to calculate cubic feet? Explained with examples

The units of measurement are crucial in mathematics. The capacity of a cube with sides measured in feet is what is known as its volume in cubic feet. The United States and the United Kingdom both use the cubic foot as a measurement unit. The cubic feet measurements and examples from particle life will be … Read more

100+ Voltage Alternating Current MCQ and Answers

As you may know, voltage alternating current (VAC) is a type of current that changes direction periodically. This means that the voltage level also changes direction periodically. VAC is used in many electrical applications, such as powering motors and lighting. One of the most important things to know about VAC is that the current and … Read more

Why Panchayati Raj system is important in India?

The Panchayati Raj system is a key part of India’s democratic setup. It ensures that decisions are taken at the grassroots level and that everyone has a say in how their village or town is run. This system of local self-government is important for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures that people have a direct say … Read more