What Does Monkeypox Look Like? All About Monkeypox

Monkeypox! what does it look like? This is a question being asked by many people after news broke that monkeypox has broken out in the world. Let’s explore what monkeypox looks like in more detail. What Does Monkeypox Look Like? Can you imagine a disease that keeps changing its appearance? It’s weird, but it’s the … Read more

Marketing Management is ____ [MCQ]

Marketing Management is a. The process of building and maintaining a customer base. b. The process of developing, implementing, and evaluating marketing plans. c. The set of activities and processes that are used to promote products or services in order to facilitate sales. d. All of these Answer: (d) marketing management is a process of … Read more

Research is ____ MCQ

Research is a. It is the search for truth and scientific facts. b. It is the systematic study of the past and present. c. It is the application of scientific laws to human behavior. d. All of these Answer: (d) Research is a systematic and explicit effort to gather, analyze, and report information about a … Read more

Computer Network is ____ [MCQ]

Computer Network is ____ a. Local area network (LAN) b. Wide area network (WAN) c. Internetworking d. All of these Answer: (d) A computer network is a system in which two or more computers are connected using cable or wireless technology to send and receive data for the purpose of communication. What is Computer Network? A … Read more

CUET 2022 Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). It is also known as the Central Universities Common Entrance Test and is conducted for admission to various Undergraduate, Integrated, Postgraduate, Diploma, Certification, and Research Programs at India’s 45 Central Universities. With the CUET 2022 exams likely conducted this year, knowing … Read more