ONGC Videsh Sells Russian Sokol Oil to India Refiners

ONGC Videsh Sells Russian Sokol Oil to India Refiners: India’s ONGC Videsh Ltd. sold at least one cargo of Russian Sokol oil to India refiners Hindustan Petroleum Corp. and Bharat Petroleum Corp. after failing to draw interest in a tender earlier this month. ONGC Videsh Sells Russian Sokol Oil to India Refiners: Key-Points Indian companies … Read more

Prevent Elephant Deaths On Railway Tracks

Prevent Elephant Deaths On Railway Tracks: Elephants are known to be one of the most intelligent animals on planet Earth, but they haven’t applied that smart to The Indian Railways. The Indian Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) has set up a permanent coordination committee to prevent incidents of elephant deaths on railway … Read more

Indian Army can use the Zojila tunnel in September 2024

Authorities are on an overdrive to build a strategic Zojila tunnel in Kashmir to reduce travel time to Ladakh where China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is aggressively pushing its territorial claims along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The need for the Zojila tunnel was first felt during the 1999 Kargil war and the recent … Read more

Tripura’s Darlong community includes in Scheduled Tribes list

The Lok Sabha passed a bill to amend a constitutional order to include Darlong, a tribal clan in Tripura which was among the generic Halam community till now, in the list of Scheduled Tribes (ST). The Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Amendment) Bill, 2022, was an amendment to the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order, 1950. The Bill, … Read more

Air Force ties up with IOCL to revamp logistic management of fuel for vehicles

The Indian Air Force (IAF) along with Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) has introduced a “Fleet Card- Fuel on the Move” for its varied fleet of vehicles, in a bid to bring about a paradigm shift in the logistic management of fuel in its inventory. Availability of Fleet Card will permit the convoy to refuel at any IOCL … Read more

The Great Barrier Reef is experiencing a sixth mass bleaching event

The Great Barrier Reef is experiencing a sixth mass bleaching event, the marine park’s authority confirmed today after completing aerial surveys of the region. This is the fourth time the region has bleached in the past six years, raising concerns that the world’s largest reef system will be unable to recover. Corals are marine invertebrates or animals not … Read more

ICHR deferred the decision on the Malabar Rebellion martyrs

ICHR deferred the decision on the Malabar Rebellion martyrs: The Indian Council for Historical Research (ICHR) has deferred its decision on a recommendation to remove the 1921 Malabar Rebellion martyrs including Variamkunnaathu Kunhahamad Haji and Ali Musliyar from the list of India’s freedom fighters. Though a report of the sub-committee, which reportedly recommended the removal of 382 martyrs from … Read more

What is Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill 2022? Discuss!

Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill 2022:  The Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill 2022, which would allow the police and prison authorities to collect, store and analyze physical and biological samples, including retina and iris scans, was introduced in the Lok Sabha. The bill aims to authorize the police to take measurements of convicts and other persons for … Read more

Zomato’s food deliveries in 10 minutes is facing a backlash

The famous Food delivery platform Zomato’s recent announcement of carrying out food deliveries in 10 minutes is facing a backlash, with delivery worker unions, lawmakers, restaurants, and the police raising red flags. Stakeholders from across the board have raised concerns that the short delivery timeline may put added pressure on already overworked delivery persons, potentially prompting them … Read more