1000+ Indian Economy and Policy MCQs and Answers (Chapter-wise)

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Indian Economy and Policy MCQs and Answers

Here we cover all topics of the economy that could become in the examinations. The reason is that these topics are important for the students to learn and understand the economy. In order to get better grades in the examinations, students should have a good grasp of the economy.

Chapter 1: Colonialism and Indian Economy

Introduction to Colonialism and Indian Economy
MCQs on Indian Economy in the Pre-colonialisation Era
Structure and Organisation of Villages and Towns during Colonialism of India
Structure and Organisation of Handicraft Industries during Colonialism
Indian Economy in Colonialisation Period
Land System and Changes Done by British Administration
Commercialisation of Agriculture during Colonialism of India
Theory of Drain of Wealth during Colonialism of India
Laissez Faire Theory and Critique during Colonialism of India
Manufacturing and Transportation Industries
Concept of Money during Colonialism of India
Monetary Policy during Colonialism of India
Credit Policy during Colonialism of India
De-industrialisation of Indian Economy during Colonialism of India

Chapter 2: Structure of Indian Economy

Basic Features of Indian Economy
Natural Resources—Land, Water and Forest Cover
Land Resources in India
Water Resources in India
Forest Resources in India
Infrastructure in India
Sectors in Indian Economy
Broad Demographic Features of India
Human Resources
Occupation and Unemployment
Gender Composition of India
Rural Urban Migration
Occupational Distribution
India’s National Income
Meaning of National  Income
Gross Domestic Product
Gross National Product
Net Domestic Product
Net National Product.

Chapter 3: Indian Agriculture

Indian Agriculture
Importance of Agriculture in Indian Economy
Sources of  Growth in Indian Agriculture
Land Reforms
Institutional Reforms in Indian Agriculture
Agricultural Cost and Product Pricing
Agricultural Marketing
Agriculture and WTO.

Chapter 4: Indian Industry

Structure and Growth of Indian Industry
Industrial Policies for Small Enterprises
Industrial Licensing Policy
Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices (MRTP) Act
Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA)
Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)
Growth of Small Scale Enterprises
Problems Faced by Small Enterprises
Role of Public Sector Enterprises in India’s Industrialization.

Chapter 5: Indian Service Sector

Concept of Services
Goods vs. Services
The Service Sector: Structural Change  in Indian Economy
Different Service Sectors in India
Growth of Indian Service Sector
Service Sector and Employment
Challenges Faced by Indian Service Sector.

Chapter 6: Population and Economic Development

Theories of Population
India’s Population: Size and Trends
India’s Demographic Transition
Reasons for Population Growth in India
High Birth Rate
Decline in Death Rate
Link between Population Growth and Economic Development

Chapter 7: The Problem of Unemployment and Poverty in India

Unemployment in India
Reasons of Unemployment
Types of Unemployment
Measurement and Magnitude of Unemployment
Adverse Effects of Unemployment
Measures to Resolve Unemployment Problem
Concept of Poverty and Poverty Line
Magnitude of Poverty in India
Reasons of Poverty
Measures to Eliminate Poverty.

Chapter 8: Economic Planning in India

Major Objectives of Planning
Economic Growth
Poverty Alleviation
Employment Generation
Controlling Economic Inequality
Central Planning
Five-Year Plan
Twenty Point Programme
Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS)
Indicative Planning
From Centralised Planning to Indicative Planning
Relation between Planning and Markets for Growth and Decentralised Planning
Planning Commission
National Development Council.

Chapter 9: Economic Reforms in India

Economic Reforms
Generations of Economic Reforms
First Generation Reforms (1991-2000)
Second Generation Reforms (2000-01 onwards)
Third Generation Reforms
Fourth Generation Reforms
Economic Reforms towards Business Enterprise Growth
Economic Reforms towards Poverty and Inequality
Economic Reforms towards Foreign Trade

Chapter 10: External Sector

Foreign Trade and India
Regulatory Framework of Foreign Trade
Instruments of Foreign Trade Policy
World Trade Organisation and India
Trends in Exports and Imports
Balance of Payments
Foreign Capital
Foreign Direct Investment- India and the World
Foreign Aid
Multinational Companies (MNCs) and their Impact on Indian Economy
Relevance of Swadeshi
Issues of Concern in Indian Economy.

Chapter 11: Overview of Indian Financial Market

Indian Financial Market
Indian Money Market
Banking and Insurance in India
Security Market in India
International Economic Organizations and India
Tax Structure in India
Public Finance in India

Chapter 12: Sustainability and Climate Change: India and the World

Global Emissions
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Paris Agreement (COP 21)
Green Finance
Climate Finance
Emerging Energy-Economy-Environment Regulatory Framework