TOP 100+ Resources And Development Class 10 MCQ and Answer

Resources And Development Class 10 MCQ and Answer: Resources and Development is an important topic in class 10th of CBSE. This chapter deals with the different resources available to the population of the country and how they are being utilized. On this page, we have prepared Resources And Development Class 10 MCQ and Answers for … Read more

50+ Development Of Resources MCQs and Answers

Resource development is essential for human evolution, as the major portion of the Earth’s economic infrastructure resides upon it. A resource can be classified as an element or material that is vital to our existence.  Resource development  is the process of extracting existing  resources efficiently with minimal impact on them and the environment. In this … Read more

50+ Resource Planning MCQs and Answers

Resource planning is a process for assessing and taking corrective action as needed, on the inconsistencies across the development plans, policies and schemes at both central level and state level with overall objective of enhancing overall resource allocation efficiency. In this post we are going to discuss about Resource Planning MCQs and Answers. We already … Read more

50+ Resource Planning in India MCQs and Answers

Resource Planning in India is a process which involves the following: Identification and making a list of existing resources across the country by surveying and mapping. Mapping resource development plans with the national development plans. Allocation of land to various sectors for various projects with utmost importance to ensure that there is no conflict between … Read more

50+ Land Resources MCQs and Answers

Land resources provide important raw materials for others industries. The most important of these is the mineral sector. Land resources also includes agricultural land; this agriculture produces not only food of human consumption but basic agricultural products like cotton and jute, and cash crops like sugarcane and raw materials like jute and rubber latex. In … Read more

50+ Land Degradation And Conservation Measures MCQs and Answers

Stunting, loss to biodiversity and productivity, and trend of salinity and water-logging of the soil are the major problems faced by the world. Land degradation is an important problem and threat to many countries and its population. Land degradation has been caused by excessive use of land, improper agricultural practices and deforestation which resulted in … Read more

50+ Soil As A Resource MCQs and Answers

Soil is a renewable resource because it is a growing medium for plants that help recharge the land. Without soil, life could not have become established on the planet. Knowledge about soil and its importance has been built over time by researchers, philosophers, agriculturalists and governments. In this post we are going to discuss about … Read more

50+ Classification of Soils MCQs and Answers

Soil classification deals with the systematic categorization of soils based on distinguishing characteristics as well as criteria that dictate choices in use. In this post we are going to discuss about Classification of Soils MCQs and Answers. We already published Resources And Development Class 10 MCQ and Answer that will help you the most. Classification … Read more