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1- Which of the following is true concerning a 68 year old male with type 2 diabetes diagnosed with type IV renal tubal acidosis?
1) Aminoaciduria would be expected.
2) Fludrocortisone treatment is effective
3) Increased Glomerular filtration rate is expected.
4) Increased urinary bicarbonate would be expected.
5) Normal renal handling of K+ and H+

2- A 16 year old male with a day history of malaise, weakness and vomiting. He was diagnosed with Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus 3 years prviously. Which ONE of the following supports a diagnosis of diabetic ketoacidosis:
1) Abdominal pain at onset
2) A serum bicarbonate of 10 mmol/l
3) A serum glucose 14 mmol/l
4) Decreased appetite in the past few days
5) Shallow respirations

3- Which of the following statements concerning abnormalities of the haemoglobin molecule is true?
1) Alpha thalassaemia is due to a deficiency of beta-chain production
2) HbS is caused by a single base mutation on the beta-chain
3) genes for the alpha and beta chains are located on the same chromosome
4) in thalassaemia persistance of HbF is an adverse prognostic sign
5) oliguneoclitide probes may assist in the diagnosis of haemoglobinopathies

4- Which of the following is a characteristic feature of familial hypercholesterolaemia?
1) Autosomal dominant inheritance
2) elevated chylomicrons
3) hypertriglyceridaemia
4) increased expression of LDL receptors
5) Palmar xanthomas

5- Which one of the following is a feature of the VIPoma syndrome?
1) Alkalosis
2) Hypoglycaemia
3) Hypokalaemia
4) Increased gastric acid seceretion
5) Provocation of VIP release by somatostatin

6- In which of the following is mental retardation an expected finding?
1) Alkaptonuria
2) Cystinuria
3) Glycogen storage disease
4) Lactose intolerance
5) Maple syrup urine disease

7- Leukotrienes:
1) Are formed from the cyclooxygenase pathway
2) Are synthesized by fibroblasts
3) Decrease vascular permeability
4) Leukotriene D4 has been identified as SRS-A which causes bronchial wall smooth muscle relaxation
5) Stimulate mucus secretion

8- Serum biochemistry of a 60 year old man revealed calcium of 1.98 mmol/l and phosphate of 0.55 mmol/l with an alkaline phosphatase of 450 IU/l.Which among the following mosts suits with the above serum biochemistry?
1) Osteoporosis
2) Osteomalacia
3) Pagets Disease
4) Secondary Hyperparathyroidism
5) Renal failure

9- Low uptake of 123I on the thyroid uptake scan would be an expected finding in:
1) A solitary toxic nodule
2) A multi-nodular toxic goitre
3) Amiodarone induced thyrotoxicosis type 1
4) DeQuervain’s thyroiditis
5) Graves’ thyrotoxicosis

10- A 55 year-old female complaining of vague tiredness is found to have a serum corrected calcium concentration of 2.9 mmol/l. Examination was unremarkable. Which of the following results confirms the suspected diagnosis of primary hyperparathyroidism?
1) High normal 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D concentration
2) High normal 24 hour urinary calcium concentration
3) High normal plasma parathyroid hormone concentration
4) Low normal plasma phosphate concentration
5) Low normal serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentration

11- Gaucher’s Disease is associated with the deficiency of :
1) Hexosaminidase A
2) Sphingomyelinase
3) Arylsulphatase-A
4) B- Glucosidase
5) Iduronidase

12- Which of the following is activated by Cholera toxin?
1) Adenylate cyclase
2) Guanlyate cyclase
3) Peroxisome proliferator receptor (PPAR) gamma
4) Sodium/potassium ATPase
5) The glucose-sodium transporter

13- Which of the following is true of Gilbert’s syndrome?
1) inheritance is autosomal recessive
2) serum conjugated bilirubin levels are elevated
3) serum bilirubin levels are decreased by fasting
4) serum bilirubin levels are decreased by liver enzyme inducers
5) there is bilirubinuria

14- With respect to lipoprotein transport and metabolism in the body, the following statements are correct EXCEPT:
1) Arterial walls contain cells with LDL receptors.
2) Cholesterol is required for the formation of red blood cell membranes.
3) Chylomicrons are synthesized in the liver.
4) HDL is assembled in the extracellular space.
5) VLDL transformation to LDL occurs in adipose tissue.

15- Which ONE of the following is true concerning Antidiuretic hormone(ADH)?
1) Carbamazepine potentiates it’s release
2) Ethanol potentiates it’s release
3) It circulates in the blood bound to neurohypophysin
4) It is a cyclic octapeptide
5) It is synthesised in the posterior pituitary

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